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Microsoft Excel 365 - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced


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"It's about making sure the candidates have the technical skills that clients need right now"

Helene Smith, Senior Recruiter, Find Recruitment

Microsoft Excel 365 - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced


Make sure your candidate has the appropriate level of Excel 365 skills.  The Excel tests cover skills at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels using Excel.  The tests use a simulated 365 Excel environment where candidates have to manipulate the software to answer questions - so are a very practical check on skill.  Excel 2016 test options available too - Contact Us to enquire.

Beginner - Questions for the beginner user of Microsoft Excel features such as file management, editing, formatting, and printing.  See the Sample Report for details of topics covered.  Timed at 30 minutes.  32 Questions.

Intermediate - Questions on the most commonly used Microsoft Excel features such as file management, editing, formatting, graphics, printing and automation. See the Sample Report for details of topics covered.  Timed at 30 minutes.  36 Questions.

Advanced -Questions for the advanced user of Microsoft Excel features such as file management, editing, formatting, analysis, printing and customizing Excel and Excel and the Internet.  See the Sample Report for details of topics covered.  Timed at 30 minutes.  34 Questions.


We need to manually send the appropriate test link to you after purchase - we will do this within 4 business hours of purchase (usually much quicker).  Completed reports will be sent to you automatically once your candidate has completed the test.  Links for other tests you purchase at the same time will arrive immediately after purchase as normal.

Sample Report for Beginner - Click Here 

Sample Report for Intermediate - Click Here

Sample Report for Advanced - Click Here

Other Microsoft tests are available for Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Functions, Word and Outlook.  For those re-entering the workforce we have a Basic Computer Literacy test which checks a candidates comfort with technology.  Contact Us if you're interested in any of these additional tests.

Not sure which test is right for your candidate? Find out with our Which Test Table here

What our clients are saying

Here's what some of Accountests clients tell us

"If you want to scale your accounting firm business you need to be confident in the people you bring on to the team. Accountests has been a great help in giving our members this assurance during the recruitment process whether they are hiring locally or remotely"

Brenton Ward

CEO and Cofounder - WIZE, AU

"Accountantests has assisted us in revamping our graduate recruitment process by helping us make informed decisions not just by assisting us with assessing their knowledge but also ensuring the right cultural fit, with their newly developed personality tests. Furthermore, it helps us with intermediate and senior appointments to make the right decision for the team – it gives us the confidence that the candidates will be an excellent cultural fit and skill-wise hit the mark. We highly recommend the team at Accountantests; besides the ease of using the tests, they provide tremendous client-centric customer service to our team!"

Stephany Dobbelstein, HR Manager

Moore Australia, Perth, AU

"I love the fact that my national office are getting behind this & we are able to take the blinkers off when we are recruiting. If this help others avoid the pitfalls that I have had with recruiting then it is money well spent. "

Chelsea Sanginiti, Director

First Class Accounts, Queensland, AU

"This thorough testing process allows us to choose the very best. Given the cost involved in a mis-hire, taking the time to determine whether a candidate has the required technical skill set to do the job we are advertising for is critical"

Carmen Morris, Owner & Accountant

On The Money Bookkeeping, Melbourne, AU

"The service offered by Accountests has been a game changer for our recruitment of professional staff. The ability to quickly assess the relevant technical skills of candidates has significantly improved our decision making process."

Chris Roos, Partner

PKF Mack, West Perth, AU

"I recently used Accountests as we were looking for a way to assess technical management accountant ability to supplement our interviews of shortlisted candidates. It helped inform our decision and would definitely use it again."

Amanda Michael, Faculty Finance

Monash University, Melbourne, AU

"The tool was great and formed a good part of the pre-employment process for us."

Danielle Dwyer, HR Manager

Flavorite Flavour for Life, Melbourne, AU

"The testing gives me a lot of confidence I can choose the correct candidate."

Jason Brown, Director

Integra Business Advisors, South Perth WA, AU

"The candidate we hired, is doing a fantastic job in the role with us. Her skills and knowledge seem to be at the right level for what we need, and she’s bringing new ideas about how to improve our bookkeeping too.

We are really happy with the how the testing allowed us to distinguish between candidates and it seems to have led us (along with interviews and other recruitment and induction processes) to us a great staff member who is happy in the role and doing a great job."

Fiona Thomas, Financial Adviser and General Manager

Ethinvest, AU

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