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Technical skills tests for recruiting accountants and bookkeepers.  CA's, Part Qualified, Bookkeepers and Graduates. Test the technical knowledge of your candidates. Designed by accountants, for hiring accountants.

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PKF Mack, Perth WA

Chris Roos, Partner

"The service offered by Accountests has been a game changer for our recruitment of professional staff. The ability to quickly assess the relevant technical skills of candidates has significantly improved our decision making process."



"The abilities being shown by the recruited candidate correlates with the outcome of their test, and they are progressing and delivering to expectations"

Monash University, Melbourne, VIC

Amanda Michael, Faculty Finance

"I recently used Accountests as we were looking for a way to assess technical management accountant ability to supplement our interviews of shortlisted candidates. It helped inform our decision and would definitely use it again."

On The Money Bookkeeping, Melbourne

Carmen Morris, Owner

"This thorough testing process allows us to choose the very best. Given the cost involved in a mis-hire, taking the time to determine whether a candidate has the required technical skill set to do the job we are advertising for is critical"

Flavorite Marketing, Melbourne VIC

Danielle Dwyer, HR Manager

"The tool was great and formed a good part of the pre-employment process for us."

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10 Key Hiring Metrics to Measure the Effectiveness of the Recruitment Pipeline

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Interview and Candidate Abuse

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The Case Against Hiring Like-Minded People

By Giles Pearson on May 19, 2021

At some point in the selection decision, the over-used phrase ‘team fit’ almost always comes up.  For some, ‘team fit’ simply means hiring someone else just like all the others; or just like me. At first glance, it seems a sensible enough decision, but what business opportunities are you missing out on if you keep hiring like minded people? Here’s a 2 minute read from two senior recruiters on the risks of hiring like minded people and 3 ways you can avoid it.

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