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Hire Accountants and Bookkeepers Fast - With Confidence!

We've all done it - recruited without verifying skill levels. Use technical skills and personality tests to know the capability of your candidates. Designed by accountants, for hiring accountants.


Avoid Bad Accounting Hires - Use accounting skills tests

Use objective testing to see if skills listed on the CV are really there. Built specifically for hiring accountants. Hire fast with confidence.

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Accounting Tests

Reduce the chance of a bad hire by using skills and knowledge tests for accountants and bookkeepers at all levels.

Tests for Chartered Accountants / CPA's

Chartered Accountants / CPA's

Tests for accounting positions where the job description requires applicants to be a CA or CPA.
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Tests for Part / Non Qualified Accountants

Partly Qualified Accountants

Tests for accountant positions where a CA or CPA qualification is not required.  Suited to partly qualified or "qualified by experience" accountants.
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Tests for Trainee or Graduate Accountants

Trainee or Graduate Accountants

Tests for applicants for accounting or bookkeeping positions to assess their understanding of double entry accounting and business acumen.
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Tests for Bookkeepers


Tests for Bookkeeping roles where processing of financial information is needed. Covers levels from processors to skilled bookkeeping professionals.
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Personality Questionnaires and Ability Tests

Personality Questionnaires

Assess important soft skills associated with success.
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What our clients are saying

Here's what some of Accountests clients tell us

"The service offered by Accountests has been a game changer for our recruitment of professional staff. The ability to quickly assess the relevant technical skills of candidates has significantly improved our decision making process."

Chris Roos, Partner

PKF, Perth WA

"The abilities being shown by the recruited candidate correlates with the outcome of their test, and they are progressing and delivering to expectations"



"I recently used Accountests as we were looking for a way to assess technical management accountant ability to supplement our interviews of shortlisted candidates. It helped inform our decision and would definitely use it again."

Amanda Michael, Faculty Finance

Monash University VIC

"This thorough testing process allows us to choose the very best. Given the cost involved in a mis-hire, taking the time to determine whether a candidate has the required technical skill set to do the job we are advertising for is critical"

Carmen Morris, Owner

On The Money Bookkeeping, Melbourne

"The tool was great and formed a good part of the pre-employment process for us."

Danielle Dwyer, HR Manager

Flavorite Marketing, Melbourne VIC

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Our Clients Talk About Accountests

How are accounting firms and recruiters using Accountests

2 Minute Introduction

Find out how Accountests works

Dealing With Stress Managing Accounting Teams
Dealing With Stress as a Manager

From developing your team to making your own tough decisions, being a manager naturally comes with a lot of stress. The days when you can sit back and relax are rare. Instead, you may find yourself rushing from one project to the next, sometimes working with employees who are unpleasant, unmotivated, or disengaged. Here’s how you can deal with all the stress and keep your career and your life on track.

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What Does A Bad Hire Cost Your Accounting Firm
What Does A Bad Hire Cost Your Accounting Firm

Giles Pearson, Director here at Accountests, explains how important it is to get the hiring process right the first time, and introduces the new Bad Hire Calculator tool, available now on our website. Use the calculator to work out exactly how costly it can be to your business to fix the issue of hiring the wrong candidate.

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Put Some Science In Accountants Personal Development Plans
Put Some Science In Accountants Personal Development Plans

How’s that personal development plan for your bright young star going? Tough isn’t it? What about the one for the team member who thinks they should be promoted faster than is justified by their performance. Ouch! How about an accountants specific personality profile that comes complete with a personal development plan roadmap? Sound good?

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Personality and skills tests to hire accountants and bookkeepers