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APPQ - Accountants Personality Profile

"I love the fact that my national office are getting behind this & we are able to take the blinkers off when we are recruiting. If this help others avoid the pitfalls that I have had with recruiting then it is money well spent."
Chelsea Sanginiti, Director - First Class Accounts, Queensland, AU


"Traditionally we would hire accountants based on their tested technical competence, without considering how they would fit into a team based on their personal profile. The APPQ system helps us hire new people in a way that balances our team."
Sue de Bievre, Chief Problem Solver - Beany, NZ


APPQ - Accountants Personality Profile


Accountants Personality Profile

Why Use Personality Questionnaires When Recruiting? 

Valid and reliable personality assessments quickly uncover the soft skills associated with success in accounting and bookkeeping roles.   

Accountant Personality Profile Questionnaire (APPQ) 

The APPQ is the first accountant-specific personality questionnaire in the world.   

Focusing on the behaviours and traits associated with success in a changing world of accounting first identified by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) in their landmark 2016 study and founded on the Big-5 model of personality, APPQ provides a rapid and reliable assessment of whether your candidate is likely to add value to your organization. 


Key Features 

  • Specific focus on Accounting Ethics, Relationships, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Handling Change & Stress Tolerance  
  • Suitable for Accountants, Bookkeepers, Managers and Admin/Support Staff 
  • Online assessment, with instant reporting 
  • Typically takes 20 minutes to complete 
  • Interview questions to address areas of concern 
  • Personal/professional development plans to get new staff effective quicker 
  • Reports readily interpreted by you, with online support when needed
  • Each test purchased allows you to test one candidate


Consider Suitability for Promotion or a New Role - Finders / Minders / Grinders

How will your candidate cope with managing a team, being responsible for client relationships and finding new work? Not familiar with the concept of Finders, Minders and Grinders? Check out what the guys at Karbon have to say.

Compare your candidate's report to our ideal profiles to identify those who Find the work, Mind (Manage) the work, and Grind out the information (Do The Work!).

Is your candidate naturally a Finder, Minder or Grinder, and what role do you see them in? See our Finder / Minder / Grinder page.


Test Your Team!

If you want to understand the profile of all or part of your team check out our APPQ Teams page.


Watch a 2 Minute Video giving an introduction to APPQ

Example APPQ Candidate Report - Click Here 


When your candidate has completed the test you can use these Interpretation Videos to help understand more about their test report.

What our clients are saying

Here's what some of Accountests clients tell us

"The service offered by Accountests has been a game changer for our recruitment of professional staff. The ability to quickly assess the relevant technical skills of candidates has significantly improved our decision making process."

Chris Roos, Partner

PKF, Perth WA

"The abilities being shown by the recruited candidate correlates with the outcome of their test, and they are progressing and delivering to expectations"



"I recently used Accountests as we were looking for a way to assess technical management accountant ability to supplement our interviews of shortlisted candidates. It helped inform our decision and would definitely use it again."

Amanda Michael, Faculty Finance

Monash University, Melbourne, VIC

"This thorough testing process allows us to choose the very best. Given the cost involved in a mis-hire, taking the time to determine whether a candidate has the required technical skill set to do the job we are advertising for is critical"

Carmen Morris, Owner

On The Money Bookkeeping, Melbourne VIC

"The tool was great and formed a good part of the pre-employment process for us."

Danielle Dwyer, HR Manager

Flavorite Marketing, Melbourne VIC

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