Science-Based Hiring: 5 Basic Principles to Improve Your Recruitment Process

By Giles Pearson on Jan 24, 2019

Implementing a recruitment system that is efficient, predictive, candidate-friendly, reduces turnover, and is valuable to recruiting managers takes a fair amount of planning and effort. No single recruitment...

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Best Practice Tips For Conducting Reference Checks

By Steve Evans on Jan 15, 2019

You think you've found the right candidate for your Accounting Firm. Qualifications, experience, skillset and personality all seem like a good fit. But there’s one more step in your hiring process: checking ...

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Step By Step Guide To Shortlisting For Accounting Jobs

By Steve Evans on Nov 27, 2018

Step 1: Determine your shortlist criteria The purpose of shortlisting is to assess candidate’s suitability and identify those who best meet the selection criteria and who are most likely to be capable of car...

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How Accountants Need To Build Trust

By Giles Pearson on Nov 27, 2018

Broad-based surveys consistently find the likes of firefighters, doctors and nurses the most trusted professions, but when businesses are surveyed, accountants emerge as trusted leaders. But trust has to be ...

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Treat others how THEY wish to be treated

By Giles Pearson on Nov 27, 2018

Have you ever been annoyed at your team member for being too loud or rambunctious? Or impatient with your employee for not getting to the point quick enough? We all have different styles of communicating and...

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Placing a Job Ad - How to Get the Most Bang for your Buck!

By Steve Evans on Nov 09, 2018

Last month, we covered off how to write a compelling job ad, now it's time to start thinking about where to place it. Where you specifically place the ad will depend on who your ideal candidate is, so keep i...

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The Science Behind Smart Hiring

By Steve Evans on Oct 20, 2018

Hiring is hard. General Managers know it. Partners know it. HR knows it. School principals know it.  Hiring is hard because both sides are in the dark. Not only is it expensive, time consuming and inherently...

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How to Write a Compelling Job Advertisement

By Steve Evans on Oct 16, 2018

Writing a job ad or posting is just like writing any advertisement. If you take the analogy that the job is your product and the job seekers are your customers, you need to make a compelling case for why the...

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Qualifications vs. Experience: What's More Important?

By Giles Pearson on Sep 25, 2018

For many accounting & finance employers, a job advertisement calling for highly skilled, tech-savvy candidates with stellar tertiary credentials to match would be the bare minimum for recruitment standar...

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Managing the Unmanageable: The 6 Most Common Types of Difficult Employees

By Steve Evans on Sep 25, 2018

As Manager, you’re probably used to working with people from all walks of life, but as you likely already know, difficult people can negatively impact team performance and morale and make your job a nightmar...

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How do you approach your recruitment process - Just wing-it or follow a plan?

By Steve Evans on Sep 14, 2018

If you sit in the ‘winging-it’ camp, you’re losing out on an opportunity to align staff skillsets to projects & long-term goals. In the attached flowchart, we’ve outlined the key steps you’ll need to fol...

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How Well Do You Treat Your Graduate Applicants?

By Giles Pearson on Aug 07, 2018

How well do you treat your grad applicants? The last year of university is stressful, for the students … and their parents. Over the last few months both my daughters, in their final year of studies, have be...

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